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Support and resources

In this section you’ll find a variety of support and resources to support your health and wellbeing. The content in here is tailored to health and care staff specifically


Anxiety is a feeling of unease, such as worry or fear, that can be mild or severe.
  • Headspace is a science-backed app in mindfulness and meditation, providing unique tools and resources to help reduce stress, build resilience, and aid better sleep.
  • Unmind is a mental health platform that empowers staff to proactively improve their mental wellbeing.
  • Movement for Modern Life is a British online yoga platform that brings together world class yoga teachers, inspired movement and mindfulness into your home
  • Calm offers relaxation and self-improvement services.
  • Kaleidoscope Plus Group text TeamKPG to 85258 to share what’s on your mind, at your own pace. This could include feeling anxious, relationship problems, bullying, addiction, self-harm, depression or suicide, and can be about anything that’s troubling you.

Find an NHS psychological therapy service near you (including CBT and counselling)

  • Finding calm amongst the chaos: This short collection of videos is designed to provide you with simple tools and techniques to reduce stress wherever you are and effectively use what little time you may have to attend to it.
  • 10 mindful minutes: In this short Ted Talk, Andy Puddicombe challenges us to do nothing – really do nothing. He explains why it is important and what it may help to unlock within ourselves and as leaders.
  • Reduce the impact of stress: Dr Sonya Wallbank shares helpful tips on reducing the impact of stress on teams, including recommendations for tools to have in place during difficult circumstances.
  • The Stress Arc: Dr Sonya Wallbank shares a tool to help teams and individuals identify where they find themselves and how they manoeuvre through the different zones within the Arc.
  • Learn to identify signs of psychological stress